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Glimmer of a Rainbow

Aiofe Fagan
TRT 66 minutes

Ivory, tortoise shells, human teeth - you can make jewelry out of almost anything. Orla the vegan is disgusted by this, but Orla the sales assistant leans right into it. In Glimmer of a Rainbow, Orla battles with her own insecurities, and struggles with who the world tells her she is versus who she wants to be. Throughout the play, Orla gets wrapped up in petty workplace dramas at Rhinestones, along with constantly dealing with her belittling boss Brenda, until a tragedy in Orla's personal life brings her back down to earth.




About the Artist


Aoife Fagan is a Los Angeles based actor, originally from Dublin, Ireland. After completing secondary school, Aoife left Dublin and moved to Stratford-upon-Avon to study with the Year Out Drama company, working closely with the RSC. She then trained as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute where she completed their two year conservatory. Since completing her training, Aoife has worked as an actor in a number of productions, mainly in theatre, short films and voice-over work.

Viewing Schedule

Glimmer of a Rainbow LIVE at Edinburgh Fringe - 19,21,23,25 August @ 3 PM - click here for tix/info

Glimmer of a Rainbow ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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