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I'm Just Saying

Cecelia Settem
TRT 65 minutes

Cecelia's comedic foray into therapy invites you to consider that your way may not be the best way. Revelations abound, like: we all grew up with different rule books and communicating with other humans is like playing a game of telephone, "Trust no one" is easier said than done, and being in charge is not all it’s cracked up to be. She realizes that being a mother has changed her understanding of everything she believes, loves and trusts, and that she must grow an ultra-thick skin to survive.


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About the Artist


Cecelia is a recovering preachers daughter discovering life as it is and not as she'd been told. She has a background in acting from high school and community theater. Cecelia took a break from the industry to discover herself, life and what was truly important. Now she’s back with a new outlook on life and the industry, and she's exploding with ideas she wants to share with the world. You’ll love her or you’ll hate her, rarely both. But no worries. She doesn’t care what you think and nor should you.

Viewing Schedule

I'm Just Saying ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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