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Kelsey Siepser
TRT 40 minutes

kelsey new.jpg

A pandemic induced trip down memory lane, featuring puppets and a treatise on The Sopranos, is put into hyper speed when a gendernonconforming praying mantis named E appears in Kelsey’s study. They lead her down a path of discovery of the patterns that shaped who she thinks she is. Before going any further, she must uncover a truth she might not be willing to face, at least, not on her own. This piece leans into the voyeuristic nature of Zoom performances, explores the binaries we occupy, and asks how we can leap past our old behaviors into the possibilities of the unknown.


About the Artist

Kelsey Siepser (Creator/Writer/Performer) is a multi-hyphenate artist who creates content for our changing times. She invites her audience to take a journey to understand the more nuanced side of our human nature. Whether through their acting, solo performance, writing or short form films, Kelsey is eager to continue the dialogue around what stories we tell ourselves to survive and what narratives open up the potential to thrive. For more info @ksiepser

Viewing Schedule

Antennae ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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