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Grandmas All the Way Down

Lecia Papadopoulos
TRT 35 minutes

Ever wonder where those awesome actresses you loved went? Or neighbors who ran off to LA and show biz instead of docilely retiring? LA—6 of them anyway—clawing tooth and nail for the pittance of roles available in their category. And we’re not just talking ‘the movies.’ Come meet Linda, Sarah, Lila, Suzy, Frances and Raqquel (or Natalie, and no, this isn’t the place to go into that). All “Suburban Grandmas” from a casting director’s POV. But ow! What a vast collection of women that category sums up. To quote Linda, “Maybe someone should do a show about that.”

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 1.33.29 PM.png

About the Artist

Actor, poet, author and human, Lecia Papadopoulos lives in LA. She works in film, new media, theater and commercials. Her background includes ballet, business, marketing, yoga, publishing, parenting and householding. She's advocated for early childhood education, disability rights, and issues facing families with chronically ill or disabled loved ones. A fan of genre fiction, Wonder Woman and bernadoodles, Lecia flips a mean pancake and finds almost anything interesting. She's committed to mastering handstands, backbends and the splits, among other things.

Viewing Schedule

Grandmas All the Way Down PREMIERE - VIA ZOOM followed by live Q and A - TBA

Grandmas All the Way Down ON DEMAND - TBA

Watch an excerpt as part of Unmuted Participants Solo Sampler 

Solo Sampler PREMIERE - VIA ZOOM followed by live Q and A  - TBA

Solo Sampler ON DEMAND - TBA

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