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Little Parts Hunts a Baby-Daddy

Ann Noble
TRT 72 minutes

An always-pregnant, over-intellectual clown decides it's time to interview a series of potential Baby-Daddies for her Maybe Baby aka "the baby that might never come". Part confessional, part Bachelorette wannabe, part puppet show, the selection process swings from absurdly funny to brutally honest as the identity of the real Baby-Daddy dares to come into view.


Little Parts_Ann Noble.jpg

About the Artist


Ann Noble is a solo-performer, actor, writer, director, arts educator and private coach. Sporting a BS in Theatre from Northwestern University, she has been part of both the Chicago and Los Angeles Theatre Communities for over 25 years. She works as an actor and director in LA extensively, and her plays/new media series, have been produced all over the world. She teaches acting, writing, storytelling and solo performance at several institutions/ organizations such as LA's Museum of the Holocaust, LA's LGBT Center, Homeboy Industries, Antaeus Theatre, Hussian College--In Studio LA, and Berg Studios. She also serves as a jail chaplain in the LA County Jails.;;;

Viewing Schedule

Little Parts Hunts a Baby-Daddy ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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