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Imagining Rachel

Elise Robertson
TRT 74 minutes

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Explore environmental icon Rachel Carson’s nature in this wildly inventive solo show from fellow Pittsburgher Elise Robertson, who uses puppets, found objects, and stage wizardry to interweave her own messy coming-of-age with Rachel’s, as they struggle with their identities as artists, mothers, and truth-tellers. ‘An act of performance and activism’ ( ‘Robertson is a gifted storyteller’ ( ‘An Alice in Wonderland for nature exploration’ ***** (Audience Review). ‘This one will stay with you. A reflection on science, the fragility and vibrancy of the environment, sexism, parenting, and the complexities of human relationships’ ***** (Audience Review).


About the Artist

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As a writer/director, Elise is known for her dramatic adaptations of literary works for PBS, including Peabody-nominated Ralph Ellison's King of the Bingo Game. She’s created parenting web comedy for both Nick Mom and MomMayhem, won a Northern California Directing Emmy for her work on Adventures With Kanga-Roddy, and in 2012, directed the feature-length dark thriller Donner Pass. In 2019 she directed the short film Darling, Darling, Wendy, a dark reimagining of the Peter Pan story from Wendy’s perspective, which has screened all over the world and garnered many awards. As an actor, Elise has 100+ film, tv and commercial acting credits, and is especially excited about her upcoming recurring role on Amazon’s The Power. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, she graduated from Northwestern University's theatre department with a minor in fine art. Imagining Rachel is her first foray into solo performance. , @iameliserobertson ,

Viewing Schedule

Imagining Rachel LIVE at Edinburgh Fringe - 20,22,24,26 August @ 3 PM - click here for tix/info

Imagining Rachel ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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