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Dickin' Around

Michael Lyons 
TRT 63 minutes

How many dicks does it take to satiate a heartbroken 20-something homosexual with a penchant for deep diving into the sensory stimuli he finds along the way? In this one-hour piece, Michael lets us into his private world and invites us to confront and ruminate on the beautiful, the icky, and the confusing together. This show is about sex. This show is not about sex. This show is for anyone who’s ever felt lost at sea and exhausted themselves swimming to shore. Especially swimming through a sea of cum. Dive underneath the raunch of this show and you’ll find a universally relatable, tender underbelly.


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About the Artist


Michael Lyons is a Los Angeles-based actor,  originally from Staten Island, NY. He’s studied acting, writing, clown, singing, and musical theater at Berg Studios, Singing Lessons LA (Greg Safel), and the University of Southern California (USC). He’s appeared in plays at USC and a variety of short films, student and independent, including the festival award winning “You Missed a Spot” in which he portrayed a mime in a clown universe, saving the girl of his dreams.  Michael is also an occupational therapist and cleverly uses his career in healthcare to inform and inspire his creative work.

Viewing Schedule

Dickin' Around LIVE at Hollywood Fringe - click for dates/tix

Dickin' Around ONLINE ON-DEMAND WORLDWIDE - at Edinburgh Fringe August 5-29

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